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TSI Timing Chain

Replacing Timing Chain on TSI Engines

The TSI engine is a very common engine variation found in many Volkswagen cars. For example, the VW Polo, Golf, Jetta all contain the TSI engine. For these engines, it’s recommended to replace the timing chain at around 90,000km as a precaution unless you notice any warning signs or symptoms.

TSI Timing Chain

TSI Timing Chain

Signs to Replace Timing Chain

The most common sign that your timing chain will soon need replacing is hearing a rattle noise on cold startups or even idling. If you notice this, it’s important to book your car in for a service as quickly as possible as a failed timing chain can cause major damage to your engine.

Causes of Failed Timing Chain

In the case of this particular customer’s car, the need for a replacement was due to the timing chain tensioner failing. The tensioner is a component that maintains the correct chain tension ensuring.

New TSI Timing Chain and Tensioner

TSI Timing Chain and Tensioner

Our technicians replaced the tensioner as well as the timing chain. Further, they ensured the car was running better than before and no damage had occurred to the engine.

If your car is experiencing any of these problems, be sure to contact Auto Studio today to prevent any further damage to your car.


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